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May 25, 2023

PBCAC Lunch and Learn: Calculating GHG emissions

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Thermo plant with greenhouse gas emissions

7th June, 12:00– 13:30pm

Join us for our first PBCAC Lunch and Learn Session organised by Working Group 3 for the Charter. These sessions are designed for staff of professional bodies who are looking to hear from their peers in the sector on key areas of concern related to climate action and sustainability and be given a chance to discuss topical issues in an informal setting. This session will be focussed on calculating greenhouse gas emissions and we will hear from the following three speakers:

The Royal Society Of Chemistry identified its supply chain as a major source of emissions in its first Net Zero Progress Report. John Broderick will briefly summarise the calculation methodology using the recently updated DEFRA consumption based dataset.

In 2022, the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) started working with PlanetMark, who are certifying the Society’s carbon emissions data and supporting RMetS on its journey to net zero. Liz Bentley, RMetS Chief Executive, will provide a brief overview of this work, why the Society picked PlanetMark and what has been achieved so far as well as next steps.

Maja Radivojevic is the Climate and Carbon Consultant at Temple Group. In this role, she enables company clients to confidently navigate their carbon accounting journey, providing them with the guidance and support necessary to do so. Maja will share Temple’s experience in calculating homeworking emissions, how homeworking affected our baseline, and explain what the company’s approach is when it comes to tackling these emissions.

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