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There are two levels of commitment to the Charter: signatory and supporter.

Signatory status indicates that the organisation has agreed to the full commitments of the Charter, which can be found below.

However, we understand that many institutions must undergo a formal process before signing and that there is a timescale associated with this. Therefore, to add to the momentum behind the Charter before COP26, you can join us as a supporter. This means your organisation:

  • Agrees with the aims of the Charter
  • Is in the process of determining whether it can become a signatory

This position is also open to certain institutions with roles that do not overlap with the Charter commitments, such as regulators. Please contact for more.

Chart the path to sustainability for our members, by:
  1. Developing Climate Action Plans setting out how we will support and enable our members to achieving practice in line with the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals,
  2. Reporting on our participation and progress towards Action Plan targets publicly each year,
  3. Sharing resources to ensure the Action Plans are based in current, holistic expertise;
Speak with a unified voice to and with professional bodies, government and the public by:
  1. Creating a professional bodies forum for interdisciplinary learning, cooperation and action,
  2. Championing the role and representation of professionals in climate action to government,
  3. Growing our voice by inviting our international counterpart bodies to join us.
Empower and inspire our members to drive sustainable growth, by:
  1. Surveying our members to understand their sustainability resource and training needs,
  2. Jointly providing a set of common CPD tools and principles, smoothing the development of CPD resources, for each profession, that account for interdisciplinary sustainability issues,
  3. Making plans and taking rapid action to reduce our emissions in line with 1.5 °C of warming;

Next steps

First of all, we’re delighted to have you with us! We’ll be in touch to add you to the website and upcoming events. We also want to hear about your hopes for collaboration on the Charter and any experience and resources you have to share with your fellow signatories.

And please, don’t forget to pass on the Charter through your networks & any publications and encourage your peers to join us!

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