Public Outreach Roundtable | Key Takeaways Blog

In November 2023, the Professional Bodies Climate Action Charter (PBCAC) facilitated a virtual roundtable discussion to explore the topic of “public outreach” in the context of a professional body’s wider climate action goals. Designed as a safe space for collaboration, learning, sharing and progressing, PBCAC signatories and supporters covered topics from resource efficiency to public […]

Lunch and Learn webinar on Communicating Climate

24th April, 12:00– 13:00 pm BST Catch up on the Professional Bodies Climate Action Charter’s (PBCAC) first lunch and learn webinar of 2024 in the recording above. The event’s topic – effectively communicating climate. The challenge many environmental professionals and those who are passionate about our climate face is, how do we communicate the impacts of […]

PBCAC Lunch and Learn: Calculating GHG emissions

Thermo plant with greenhouse gas emissions

7th June, 12:00– 13:30pm Join us for our first PBCAC Lunch and Learn Session organised by Working Group 3 for the Charter. These sessions are designed for staff of professional bodies who are looking to hear from their peers in the sector on key areas of concern related to climate action and sustainability and be […]

London Climate Action Week 2022: Catch-up on Empowering Net Zero Professional Practice

You can now watch the Empowering Net Zero Professional Practice event at London Climate Action Week 2022 on our YouTube channel. The panel discussed the latest climate priorities and practices, as exemplified by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). Views of the UK’s chemists and environmental professionals on climate action are also presented […]

Empowering Net Zero Professional Practice – Part 1

Empowering Net Zero Professional Practice - Part 1

Image: “Old North Bridge | Concord, Massachusetts” by Robert Laliberte is licensed under CC BY 2.0. The transition to a net zero future will require transformative change across all parts of society and the economy. Professionals will be at the forefront of this and it is essential that they have the skills and knowledge to […]

The Charter at COP26: The Future of Professional Bodies in a Net Zero World

Professionals Climate Charter at COP26

4th November 2021: On the 4th day of COP26, the Charter hosted its largest meeting yet, showing off the progress made since launching in July and sharing hopes for the future. Opening the session, Nick Baker, Deputy Director of Business & Engagement at the COP26 Unit, called for a “step change” in climate action that […]

COP26 Virtual Event: The Future of Professional Bodies in a Net Zero World

Tree tops

On 4th November we will be hosting an exciting discussion between professional bodies from the UK, Australia and New Zealand in parallel with COP26. The event will run from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm (GMT), and will debut the Charter before an international audience of professionals and prospective members of professional bodies, focusing on how […]